Care Instructions

There are a few small things you can do to keep your sterling silver and gold as beautiful as it ever was!

 Our sterling silver is treated with Renaissance wax which will in normal circumstances provide a gentle protective layer and provide tarnish resistance. If tarnish does present the wax will not impede conventional methods of silver cleaning such as polishing cloths or gentle cleaning with a mild soap. Otherwise avoid exposing jewellery to chemicals, detergents and liquids. We do not recommend rigorous cleaning with chemicals as this may remove patinas, gilding and damage textured surfaces. The best way to keep your piece in its original condition and reduce tarnish is to store your jewellery away from moisture, humidity and direct sunlight, and to remove it before showering, sleeping, watersports and exercise!   

 If your piece contains resin don’t leave it in direct sunlight for extended periods. Also, be gentle! Resin can be a little sensitive and may scratch or mark.